When all else fails, suppress the vote!

By Earnest Gates

This is the first of a series of posts under this title. The main strategy to prevent Democratic victories is to suppress the vote. I would recommend that you watch the documentary, “American Blackout” and read the very telling book, “Stolen Again.”

Both of these resources tell the story of how the Republican Party has decided that they would rather suppress the vote of Blacks and other supports of a Democratic agenda than to persuade them to go a different route.

Contrary to some popular opinion, this country does not swing to the right. It is more center-left than center-right. Just take a look at the current tone of the country. We can not get rid of Bush and company fast enough! The plan when George W. Bush came to the White House was to maintain a permanent Republican majority.  The country was even governed this way!

As a result of these actions, strategies were put in place to make sure that Republicans would get the upperhand in crucial elections in swing states. Here is an example: Do you think it was a coincedence that the 2000 election came down to Florida, when George Bush’s brother was the Governor of the state, and the Secretary of State Katherine Harris was the state chair of the Bush Chaney campaign?

How about the fact that the 2004 Presidential election came down to Ohio and Kenneth Blackwell (and he is Black) was the Secretary of State in Ohio and also chair of the Ohio Bush-Cheney campaign? Remember, the Secretary of the State is responsible for certifying the votes in each state. Don’t believe it? Check it out for yourself. This is just the first installment of a series that will be printed here at least weekly. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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