A Perfect Storm – Obama and Clinton supporters must come together to win back Texas

By Earnest Gates

blue-texas.jpgNow that the general election campaign is under the way, it is time for mending fences between Obama supporters and the supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton. We in Texas have something even greater on the line.

We have a chance to begin the process of having a Democratic Texas once again. If we can get the new voters to turn out in the fall campaign, we will be able to successfully take back the House in Austin and work toward taking back the Senate.

The one thing that can prevent this from happening would be a lack of party unity. The primary is over and there are some hurt feelings on both sides. However, the question that I ask is: Is it worth it to take a chance on blowing the opportunity to win Texas in November? Democrats will only have themselves to blame if this doesn’t happen. I look forward to hearing from you.

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