You call this breaking news? CNN hypes Obama’s donation to Clinton campaign


Before dinner tonight we pulled up CNN politics and the red breaking news banner was plastered across the top of the page. “Obama contributes maximum $2,300 to Clinton campaign.” Is that really breaking news?

I’m sure CNN et al. miss the good old days of Clinton and Obama at each others throats. Since there’s been no mud flying back and forth I guess they thought they would drum up a non-story like this one to suck people back in.

According to the CNN story, Senator Obama and his wife each gave the Clinton campaign $2,300 which is the maximum individual contribution allowed. Some of his staffers have already followed suit. Obama has asked his top donors to help Clinton retire her campaign debt of $22 million ($12 million is owed to herself).

Interesting story? Yes. Relevant? Probably so. Breaking news? Not so much.

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