100 Years later and ain’t a damn thing changed

by Earnest Gates

We are beginning to embark upon a series of centennials for Black organizations. If the founders of these organizations could have looked 100 years into the future and see what we see now, they would have closed their doors and accepted second class citizenship.

Look where we are today. The goal of the civil rights movement and movements before that one was not integration, it was equal opportunity and equal rights. The goal was not just to be able to go where White people can go and stay where White people can stay.

Does integration mean come and join me and shut down what you have? Of course, it doesn’t. In many ways “Black America” is worse off now than it was back then. Look at the number of Black men that are incarcerated, on parole or on probation. Look at the Black family today. Sometimes I wonder if there are people who are Black who benefit from Black misery.

We can not afford to wait another 100 years. Hell, in 100 years we may not even exist! It is either now or never. There is no waiting until tomorrow.

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