Which came first??? An introspective by Jazzy

I’d like to introduce another voice to Dallas South – and its a good one. Please welcome Jazzy, our newest guest blogger who I hope will drop by once a week. Jazzy publishes the blog Because I Said So so make sure you check out her site. Thanks J for agreeing to share your thoughts.

By Jazzy


Which comes first my womanhood or my blackness?

This is a debate that I have had within myself since my sophomore year in college. A debate that I discuss often among my friends. Can you be a woman of color and differing ethnicity and separate these traits from your womanhood or must one take precedent above the other.

I remember reading the Invisible Man in college and often felt invisible myself and wondered who if anyone has so eloquently written the story of the invisible black woman.

Who do I belong to first? Who am I? Who needs me the most: the black community or women? I have come to the conclusion for me the two are inseparable. I am not one without the other; my womanhood is shaped by my race. I am unable to separate blackwoman into two words.

Are there any other race/ethnicity of women/men that go through this struggle or do I alone struggle with reconciling these feelings?

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