Barack vs. President Obama

I’ve had a few conversations since last Tuesday’s swearing in ceremony with people who are frustrated from hearing President Obama referred to by his first name.  They feel that he is not getting the respect that would be demanded by any other POTUS.

There have been occasions where I’ve heard the media and analysts refer to the President as Barack, and I have to admit it sounds a little strange.  I don’t think there is much to this assertion even though I do understand where those who are making the observation are coming from.   At least Barack sounds better than “Dubya.”

It reminds me of the preacher who you’ve always called by their first name.  Then when they have a change in position, they want to be referred to as “Pastor” or “Reverend” so and so.  But that change usually comes straight from the subject.

The way President Obama ran his campaign also played a part in this.  Many of us received messages from “Michelle” asking us to help “Barack” by giving another 5 or 10 dollars to the campaign.  People felt a real sense of comfort with Obama and connected with him as a candidate in ways that we’ve never seen.

Though I was never comfortably referring to then Senator Obama as Barack, I knew many of my friends and cohorts who thought it was just fine.  Now with the change in title, I think it may take some getting used to for some folks.

But there’s no doubt that President Obama deserve the respect that is due to him and the office in which he serves.   

What do you think?

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