Dallas South joins Texas Progressive Alliance

I’m proud to announce that Dallas South has joined the Texas Progressive Alliance. The Texas Progressive Alliance was founded in 2006 with the goal of uniting Texas’ progressive bloggers and Netroots activists under a single umbrella organization to promote progressive blogs, ideals and candidates.

The Texas Progressive Alliance will allow Dallas South to continue our mission of portraying positive images of African-Americans in outlets that we are not always present. Even the most progressive and liberal minded folks can miss subtle cues and clues related to the African-American community. I’m hoping my affiliation with the TPA will give my political opinions a new forum, and will allow me to consider opinions that I may not always come across.

Thanks to Vince Leibowitz (Chair) and Edmundo Rocha for bringing me in to the Texas Progressive Alliance. Check out some of the other blogs that are members of the TPA. You can also visit the newly launched Texas Progressive Alliance website.

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