Sarah Pal(es)in Comparison to other GOP Women

The question must be asked: Is this the best you can do?

The answer is obviously yes if posed to Senator John McCain. The Republican party has a strong farm system of women senators and representatives with foreign policy and domestic policy experience. Why Sarah?

To ignite the social conservative base that’s why. She is as far to the right of the Republican Party as Senator Barack Obama is accused of being to the left of the¬†Democratic¬†Congress.

She is an extremist conservative who was just what Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk radio blowhards were looking for. However, she was not fully veted and it appears she is not going to be willing to talk to the media about it either.

So it is up to us to ask the critical questions that need to be asked to determine if she is “ready” to be President in the event Senator McCain should be elected and something unfortunately were to happen to him. Let the vetting begin.

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