Bill Clinton goes off on CNN’s Jessica Yellin, part of divide an conquer strategy

bill_clinton.jpgIs Bill Clinton running for President or is Hillary?  Today we see more evidence that it's the former.

After a town hall meeting held by the former President he went on a tirade after being asked a question by CNN's Jessica Yellin.  Clinton is accusing the media of doing what he is actually doing.

Clinton is also ascribing Clinton campaign tactics to Obama.  Will American buy it?  "We fought hard and we won," said President Clinton of Senator Clinton popular vote win in Nevada.  That's what this is, a fight.  A fight for the Clinton legacy, a fight to get back into the White House, a fight to prove they are right and everyone else is wrong. 

At a time when the country needs to come together, the Clinton's are tearing their own party apart.  All this and then flipping it around on everyone else. 

Click here for video of President Clinton going off on Jessica Yellin. 

"He put out a hit job on me," said (Bill) Clinton referring to Sen. Obama's campaign tactics. Then he tries to get Mrs. Clinton a posthumous endorsement from Dr. King.  Here are some more of Pres. Clinton's words.

This is crazy…this rhetoric is getting a little carried away here.  My ultimate answer is this, there are still two people around that marched with Martin Luther King, and risked their lives, John Lewis and  Rev. Andrew Young.  They both said that Hillary was right and the people who attacked her were wrong and that she did not play the race card, but they did.

It looks impromptu but this was a totally calculated move on the part of President Clinton.  Obama is fighting a two front war as John Edwards continues to fade.  

I went into this seeing two good candidates, actually three, that the Democrats had to offer.  Now that a fourth, Bill Clinton has entered, its looking like Obama, Edwards, or nothing for me.    


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