Sharon Grigsby of Dallas Morning News on Sarah Palin Intervie

I rarely post an entire article from the internet, but I had to post Sharon Grigsby’s thoughts on the Sarah Palin interview on CBS.  Sharon is Deputy Editorial Page Editor for the Dallas Morning News.  Check Sharon and the crew out at the DMN Opinion Blog.

Having now seen the CBS interview with Palin last night, I’m guessing the GOP can only hope the economic crisis continues — anything to keep her out of the news loop.

And now comes this, which I didn’t see the first time around. And this. I have to agree with several local pastors who have emailed me of late and asked, “So where’s all the coverage of this, a la the Wright/Obama media storm?”

I’m proud to be a former soccer mom (kinda hard to be a “current” soccer mom when both of our sons are now in college) and I think “soccer mom” characteristics (along with “Wal-mart traits”) would be a refreshing addition to Washington’s leadership. But at this point, I believe Sarah Palin is giving soccer moms a bad name.

At this point, does anyone who has heard her answers of the past couple of weeks really believe she is ready to take the helm of our country? And if so, on what do you base that on?

What is this you ask that Sharon referenced at DMN?  Protection against Samantha and Endora:

This rather striking video resurfaced yesterday of Palin at her former church, where her witch-obsessed pastor laid hands on her. “In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, every form of witchcraft is what we rebuke in the name of Jesus,” the pastor says in the video from 2005 (The Washington Monthly).

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