Old School Friday is Back!!! Graduation Year Jam’s

Now that my video situation is resolved after a year and a half, I’m able to fully participate in Old School Fridays once again. The theme today is “Music from the year that you graduated high school.” For me that’s the 9 deuce.

I have two for you. What kind of list would this be without Mary J. who came into my life in 1992. I’m going with the Real Love Remix. How this song as eluded my ITunes is beyond me.  I even forgot about the Notorious B.I.G. guest flow.

On December 15, 1992, Dr. Dre. released The Chronic, and Rap/Hip Hop hasn’t been the same since.  This was back before Snoop became a money making caricature of himself (I ain’t mad atcha bruh).

Nothing But a G Thang was more of a freshman year in college jam than a high school jam, but it’s still one of the best of all time.  May not be the most inspirational video, but that funky baseline still makes you nod your head.

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