3-Apples-A-Day Meal Plan


This tip works wonders – a book was written about it- and so many people have lost weight with just this simple tip.
Drink a glass of water and eat an apple BEFORE every meal. (And by meals, we are only talking about Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.)

In the study, everything else in their diets remained the same, but the test subjects added 1 apple and a glass of water before breakfast, 1 apple and a glass of water before lunch, and 1 apple and a glass of water before dinner. The results?

The test subjects all lost weight! The nutritional qualities of fruits such as apples combine to make them an ideal “elixir” for weight loss. Being low in calories, the fiber helps by providing bulk-and making you feel full, decreasing your appetite and the desire to eat other (higher calorie) foods.

Another benefit of eating apples is their high water content. The water- along with the fiber- further aids in making you feel full. Yet, because apples are low in sodium, they will not create excess water weight for you to carry around.

Try it out for a week or two, it’s the easiest diet you will ever try.

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