Terrell Owens released by the Dallas Cowboys

As the Tyrannosaurus trudged down his driveway to pick up the newspaper, he wondered whether or not the story of T.O. being released would be above the fold.  Of  course the news of Terrell Owens’ departure was at the very top of the Dallas Morning News’ Thursday edition.  Apparently the days of Cowboy fans getting their popcorn ready are over.

The gossip girls have speculated for weeks on whether or not Jerry Jones would cut Owens.  They all cried and complained because Jones did not hint one way or the other at a press conference a couple of weeks ago.  They’ve asked Romo whether or not he wanted Owens back with the team -as if he would ever say no straight up.

So the 35-year old wide receiver is left to pick up and find another team.  Owens still feels as if he’s the same player he was some years ago, but every receiver, every player, every human finds that time takes a toll and 35 year old bones don’t react like 25 year old bones (at least mine don’t).

Marvin Harrison of the Indianapolis Colts has also been cut this off season.  These are moves that have to be made in a salary cap era, especially for teams that feel they can win now.  Funny how every move the Cowboys make is for a Super Bowl though we are still in search of that elusive playoff win.

The receiving corp of Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, and Isaiah Stanbeck is not the answer.  It would be good if Jones could find another receiver through the draft or free agency to fit between Williams and Crayton.

Now everyone will turn their attention towards Cowboys’ safety man Roy Williams who has asked the team to make a decision on whether they will release him.  Jones seems to be in no hurry, though Williams fate with the team is all but certain.

Without Owens to blame for all of the Cowboys troubles who does the blame fall to?

The gossip girls love the quarterback (and his girlfriend) so much that none of this could fall at his feet.  It’s all lazy routs and drama queen receivers, not the quarterback who realizes there is more to life than getting your…..hat handed to you in Philly.  Romo doesn’t have to worry though, if he just keeps wearing his hat backwards on the sideline and talking like he has it all figured out, he’ll keep getting a pass.

Meanwhile T.O. will have the same chance that Keyshawn Johnson did a few years ago to prove whether or not he’s still got it.  35 is a tough age to try to prove physical prowess.

But Deion Sanders -as always- quickly realized that it wasn’t about trying to prove you’re still the best, but showing that you can still help make a team better.  That’s when teams will let you hang around on the roster and make a contribution.  I’m not sure if Owens is quite ready for that yet.

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