– Inspiring Bible Characters:Paul and Silas


Inspiring Bible Characters
Paul and Silas

In this week’s study of inspiring bible characters, we look at Paul and Silas. As you probably already know, Paul was a champion in the ministry of Jesus Christ. He and Silas are trying to do the work of the Lord and they find themselves in a bad predicament because they have sought to do something that is good. In their story, we see how the Lord is able to sustain us during the difficulty we experience in life.

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Paul and Silas on a Mission

Acts 16: 9-12

  • Paul is convinced through a vision that the Macedonians need help. Paul, feeling as though the Lord had called him to preach to them, leaves for Macedonia immediately.
  • Paul has a vision that the Macedonians need help. Instead of money, food, water, supplies or protection from an enemy, Paul assumes that the help they need is to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Life Lesson: Sometimes, the best help you can offer to someone in need is to give them the Word of God. The Word of God will nourish a person for a lifetime.

Paul and Silas meet Lydia

Acts 16: 13-15

  • Lydia was worshipping God. Her heart was opened to God and then after understanding the Word, she and her household were baptized.
  • As Christians, we can have an amazing influence in our households. Like Lydia, if we open our hearts to God and earnestly seek Him, we could possibly convince members of our household to improve their relationship with Christ as well.
  • I know it is frustrating when there is a family member or loved one who is living their life without the Lord, we must continually work on ourselves and hope that the light they see in us will cause them to rethink their commitment to Christ.

Paul and Silas in Prison

Acts 16: 16-24

  • Paul and Silas were humiliated, beaten and thrown into prison because they sought to do the right thing. Paul commanded the evil spirit to come out of the girl. The spirit fled and thus the girl’s slave masters were without the opportunity to continue to make money off of her.
  • Question for Thought: Have you ever been punished, ridiculed or mistreated because you tried to do the right thing?
  • Life Lesson: In life, there may be times when bad things happen to you

Paul and Silas Inspire Us To…

  • Be obedient to the call of the Lord and minister to those in need
  • Offer the Word of God as the best way to deal with the trouble that life brings
  • Not give up on family members and loved ones who don’t have God in their lives. Continue to be an example to them and you might find that they will get closer to God too
  • Accept that bad things sometimes do happen when you are trying to do good
  • Worship God genuinely and sincerely even during the toughest times in our lives
  • Realize that God is willing and able to deliver us from the storms of our lives
  • Understand the power that we have, through God, to positively influence another person’s walk with the Lord
  • See how praising God in the midst of our difficulty is extremely powerful in helping us to feel better and ultimately, in helping us to overcome our situations

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