Jason Johnson : Keep it Simple

By Jason Johnson

Adkin’s Diet. The Mediterranean Diet. The Detox Diet. The Cabbage Soup Diet. Weight Watchers. Jenny Craig.
There are many diets out there that promise weight loss. And the truth of the matter is-they all will result in some initial weight loss. Any diet will work and should work, because the theory behind all diets is lower overall calories. You’re going to lose weight on a Cabbage Soup Diet because at the end of the day, you’re taking in less calories than you normally do. And they all have you cutting out the junk food. I’m a big believer in eating 5-6 times a day for weight management. I do it every day, it works for me. And I’ve had clients get great results eating 5-6 times per day.
Here’s the 64,000 dollar question: So what’s the best diet?
The one you’ll stick to.
A lot people have a hard time eating 5-6 times a day. Whatever the reason, they just can’t or won’t eat 5-6 small meals per day. A lot people have a hard time keeping up with the “points” on the Weight Watchers. Again, whatever the reason, they just can’t do it. So they look for the next diet to try. They over-think their diets. They over-complicate their food choices. They try to combine 2 or 3 diets into 1. A co-worker told them not to eat the yolk when they make eggs. Another friend recommended they cut out all fruits because they heard fruits are high in sugar. You saw an ad on Yahoo that said your favorite “thin” celebrity eats fast food twice a week, so you justify it’s ok for you. You saw a report that said not to eat golden delicious apples. Rachel Ray lost 18 lbs on this diet. You have good intentions, but all of this information leads to paralysis by analysis . Approximately 95% of all diets fail.
For most people, if they just keep it simple in terms of weight loss, the results will come. What do I mean by “keep it simple?” In no particular order:
1. Make better food choices. You pull into your favorite fast food stop. Be honest with yourself. You know a burger, fries, and large soda is a poor choice. If you’re serious about your weight loss, make a better food choice. Get the grilled chicken salad (no mayo), fruit bowl, and water. You know pigs in a blanket and a donut are a poor choice for breakfast. Make a better food choice. Opt for oatmeal. Or whole wheat toast w/peanut butter.
2. Cut back on the liquid calories. These really add up without you knowing it. If you drink 3 sodas per day. Cut back to 1 per day. Eventually cut them out altogether. You don’t need 4 cups of coffee per day. Or 3 cups of orange juice or lemonade per day. Cut back on the liquid calories.
3. Drink more water. You’re thinking: “But water is boring!”Add lemon. Or add 1/2 crystal light packet for flavor.
4. Eat a healthy breakfast every day. You gotta jumpstart your metabolism 1st thing in the morning by eating a healthy breakfast.
5. Cut back on sugary foods. Everyone knows that excess sugar is not good and leads to fat storage. Just cut back. If you have to eat the cheesecake, only eat 1/2 or just a few bites.
My motto is always “move more, eat less” and the weight loss will come. Incorporate these 5 rules into your lifestyle, and start exercising, the weight loss will come.
Until next time.
Stay healthy, and stay active,
Jason Johnson, ACE-CPT
JMJ Fitness

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