Jason Johnson: Choose this, NOT that

In a nod to my favorite magazine (Men’s Health) Jason Johnson gives us 5 easy tips for healthier living.

Living a healthier nutritional lifestyle is all about making gradual changes to your diet and making the right choices.
Here are 5 quick and simple health tips you’ve heard before, but are worth reading again.

1. CHOOSE THIS: Turkey bacon or Canadian bacon
NOT THAT: bacon

2. CHOOSE THIS: Fish, turkey or chicken
NOT THAT: Red Meat

3. CHOOSE THIS: When preparing food, always opt for steamed, grilled, broiled or baked
NOT THAT: fried

4. CHOOSE THIS: Whole grain pasta and brown rice
NOT THAT: White or processed

5. CHOOSE THIS: Low-fat or non-fat salad dressings
NOT THAT: Creamy salad dressings

Until next time.
Stay healthy and stay active,
Jason M. Johnson, ACE-CPT
JMJ Fitness

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