Eagerly and Anxiously Awaiting the “Good News”

By Jazzy of Because I Said So

Much ado about nothing as usual is surrounding Presidential hopeful Barack Obama and his use of text messaging to announce his VP running mate. I personally am elated with the idea of using commonly used technology to spread his much anticipated running mate.

I am a text messaging fiend will respond quicker to a text message than the actual ring of the phone. Anywho I guess its no wonder that the haters are out in full force. Truly, is it any wonder when the competitions party refers to “The Google” and “The Internets” that they might find the thought of text messaging a bit daunting.

I do know that the VP candidate will not be Edwards much to my dismay; Edwards embodied a smooth come on over I’m your neighbor let’s have a chat type of vibe. I do know that I Do Not want to see Clinton’s name come across in my inbox or I might have my first official problem with the Obama campaign. Other than that I will happily await the “good news” and eagerly anticipate the flurry of text messages to follow among friends.

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