Ron Paul Newsletters written in first person with his signature

When news outlets began to report earlier this week about content contained in newsletters supposedly written by Ron Paul, he used the excuse that the letters did not contain a byline, so he wasn’t sure who wrote them.

Those letters reportedly referred to the Martin Luther King Holiday as “Hate Whitey Day,” called Dr. King a “world-class philanderer,” and criticized President Ronald Reagan for recognizing the leader with a federal holiday.

Yesterday a video of Dr. Paul from 1995 surfaced where he talks about his newsletter, saying it “covered a lot about what was going on in Washington,” as well as monetary policy (check minute 1:40).

In a 1996 interview reported by the Dallas Morning News, Ron Paul did not deny or disavow the racist language in the newsletters.  Like saying that “If you have ever been robbed by a black teenaged male, you know how unbelievably fleet of foot they can be.”

Paul said the comments were taking out of context.  “If you try to catch someone that has stolen a purse from you, there is no chance to catch them,” Paul said in ’96.

Now Rueters has a story that links Paul even more closely to the newsletter.  In a typed 8 page document that has Congressman Ron Paul as it’s header, the frontrunner in the Iowa caucus seems to talk in first person.

There are lot’s of I’s throughout the newsletter as in “I swore to uphold the constitution or “I publish the Ron Paul Investment Letter and Ron Paul Political Report.”  Then at the end is the signature of Ron Paul.

See the 8 page Ron Paul Newsletter at Reuters where

So as the Congressman disavows the content of the newsletter, can he deny that he wrote the content?  The rest of the views in the newsletter as it relates to monetary policy are very much consistent with the Ron Paul way.  How are we supposed to separate phrases like “The Israeli Lobby, which plays Congress like a cheap harmonica”?

I did not however find the phrase “coming race war in our big cities” as reported by Reuters.  I did see a passage that said “I fear there will be welfare riots in big cities,” and we all know that’s code.  If anyone finds the “coming race war” language let me know.  Maybe it’s in another newsletter.

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